Chemicals darken your shine written by: padhia
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It is my theory that people who are depressed have special sensitivities and actual gifts inside of them. Without knowing what is going on, they feel the power of this and because they were never taught any other way, when they get a little taste of the feeling, it scares them and they shut down immediately. Like a superhero experiencing his powers for the first time.  Without guidance or support these little bursts are terrifying. Some of the greatest minds in history have suffered from depression.  Most artists and creatives do. If you can learn to embrace these sensitivities and gifts and build a world around yourself that enables them to radiate out of you, you very quickly learn to harness them and use them constructively. They become your edge. Your brilliance. You become your own superhero living inside your own legend of your life.

Instead of learning how to understand our individual needs and then learning to manage ourselves effectively, and embrace the subtle callings of our soul, we are taught to fear things that are outside a certain realm of society’s norm.  Stemming from this fear and judgement depression grows. We are taught to  swallow a pill and try to fix yourself according to others guidelines than embrace, explore  and nurture strange an inexplicable forces you feel rumbling deep in your soul.

Fuck doping yourself up and numbing yourself so you can fit into some mold defined by the masses. Go on your journey. Let your curiosity outweigh all else.

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  1. Christopher

    High is not happy.
    Alone need not be lonely.
    You said it yourself.
    Depression is a gift.
    It is your minds way of telling you something great wants to come out, and you are afraid of it.
    Fear is normal.
    Fear as a lifestyle is not.

    Your insights are amazing.
    I am glad the public has you now.