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In addition to depression and anxiety, I suffered for most of my life from PTSD, recurring night mares and night terrors. Even when it was at it’s lowest level, I still suffered immensely. I had gripping bouts of pure terror and flashes of my own death that were so disruptive I lost my vision for a split second and felt like I was jumping out of my skin. The whole world seemed covered in pins. I could have easily been a person who never left the house. Some days my nerves became so frayed by the end of the day, I felt like I had no choice but to get drunk. In therapy for this, it began to make sense. On a very fundamental I felt unsafe and like I didn’t deserve to live. That was the message communicated to me that seeped deep down into my subconscious stemming from the abuse I suffered at a young age. Through therapy, this was alleviated to a certain extent, but not all the way.

The final step in overcoming this was going for hypnotherapy. I was skeptical and afraid, but I found an amazing woman who really helped me change my life. If you are in LA, this is her site: www.amindmatters.com. You never lose consciousness or awareness of your surroundings, but you fall into a deeply relaxed state where positive suggestions that completely alleviate deeply rooted anxiety enter your subconcious and affect a permanent transformation. It doesn’t wear off and has helped me overcome many obstacles in the final miles of my journey to peace of mind.

Basically what it does is that it allows your nervous system to reset into its own natural relaxation response. When your mind and body is relaxed, you are able to use your full attention to understand the reality of Now, which is that you are safe and that you can come out of the “fight or flight response” that is triggered by situations where you felt like you were in danger. When the nervous system is not at peace, it can become stuck in a hyper vigilant state, which is a chronic fight or flight response. Your subconscious is the mind of your body and and when you have been affected in this way, it is common to feel it throughout your entire body. Your subconcious holds the energy or traumas of the past even though intellectually you know it is over. This causes you to tighten up and live in a state of scared frustration which feeds itself and overtime you become tighter and tighter. Certain things you do may alleviate this ( i.e. yoga, meditation) but you never really unwind as deep as the tension.  Hynotherapy is a deep letting go. As the sessions begin, you are laying in a comfortable position, and as your body begins to understand it is safe, it begins to feel it is ok to let go of a lifetime of tension. When the body is feeling safe and the mind is being told it is safe at the same time, that is a powerful combination that allows the nervous system to unwind and begin the natural relaxation response. It returns to an appropriate level of arousal for present stimulus. After the session, you are in a calm and peaceful place within yourself and everything you encounter feels easier and less overwhelming.

When a person is in a deep state of complete and total relaxation for a minimum of 30 minutes, not only does the body have time to metabolize stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, but then also produces it’s own natural chemicals of happiness, wellbeing, bliss and inner peace. These are: endogenous (meaning produced from within) benzodiazapines (what Valium is derived from) , anandamide (ananda is the Sanskrit word for bliss) and other endogenous cannabinoids, melatonin and N,N-dimethyltryptamine (possibly, the chemical responsible for the experience describes as spiritual or inner peace.)

This is why you can feel so wonderfully refreshed after a Restorative Hypnotherapy session, depression lifted, anxiety dissolved.



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  1. Vally

    hi! thank you for you great article!
    doyu think,DVDs/CDs are useful, or life sessions?
    thank you


    • 10/23/2015

      I think recordings are incredibly helpful, in fact I listen to a 20 minute one that resets your fight or flight response daily and it is a life saver. It is my favorite, you can buy it for $9 here: http://www.amindmatters.com/product/healing-relaxation/ . Lisa, the woman who made the recording is a hynotherapist that I have seen in person many times and that one of the best things I have ever done!