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The first thing that happens when we get overwhelmed or depressed is nutrition goes right out the window. This feeds mood swings, anxiety, depression and irritability and creates a cycle that can only spiral downward. It may create a temporary high, but the crash you suffer is not worth it. Everything you put into your body affects your hormones, your brain chemistry and the PH balance of your entire system. An enormous part of recovering from depression is giving your brain and body the fuel it needs for optimal performance.

The less processed foods you eat… the less gluten, preservatives & chemicals, sugar, alcohol,  the better you will feel. Sam-e, B Complex,  D3,  pro-biotics, CoQ10, trace minerals, calcium, and omega 3 were all on my list when I was at my lowest and I still take most of them today because I notice a definite dip in my energy level if I don’t. I also incorporated supplements from the Point of Return program.

Take responsibility for your mental and overall health, don’t leave it up to the folks at McDonald’s  to decide what ingredients you should  be ingesting.

For many years, I had a lot of hatred and aggravation for myself for not being able to keep a regular exercise schedule (if at all) and eating things that I knew made me feel worse. Once I was off all the meds, and starting seeing a new psychologist, I felt a lift in my depression that was so different from the pseudo-lift I experienced on meds. It was a feeling of being peacefully alive. It was the first taste I had ever had of this, and I wanted more. I started to realize that I wanted to do everything in my power to help this lift become permanent. I started by avoiding gluten and sugar and foods high in preservatives. I did this in moderation, being kind to myself- nothing fanatical, and I was amazed at the immediate results. After a few weeks, I began to want to take vitamins on top of these better eating habits. Medications deplete a lot of important nutrients from our system and vitamin deficiencies worsen depression. I started by taking Sam-e, B Complex, and D3. Then I added in pro-biotics, CoQ10, trace minerals, calcium, and omega 3. Soon, I found myself outside, jogging for the first time in years. Tiny changes have snowballed into a lifestyle that is not about depression. It is about living and enjoying every day.

It is nearly impossible when you are at a low point to start exercising and make healthy lifestyle changes. But as soon as you feel the slightest lift, take advantage of it and start moving. Exercise increases the Seratonin levels in your brain and helps new healthy brain cells to thrive. I have found it very helpful to find a group to exercise with- it is fun instead of a chore, and I find myself getting much more activity in than if it were up to me alone.

For me, the final step in getting my brain chemistry to it’s optimal balance is Crossfit.  Working on a new post about that.


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