The Balto Bunny Project written by: padhia
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It is just unacceptable that millions of people are victims of doctors irresponsibly prescribing meds and ruining lives. This is currently the treatment for depression, because the causes of it are not typically acknowledged by the medical profession. Dooming someone to this shell of a life is the modern day equivalent of committing someone to a mental institution and throwing away the key.

The goal of the Balto Bunny Project is to educate, warn, support, and INSPIRE. Most doctors are reckless in prescribing antidepressants, and it is not acceptable. Many many people have committed suicide, been pushed over the edge to commit crimes, and no one I have ever heard of has ever healed depression by taking medication. The Balto Bunny Project is a call to action, to change common consciousness, spread the word that depression is curable, warn that these medications are dangerous, and to demand a protocol be created for treating depression, beyond writing prescriptions and a 15-minute office visit every few months for more drugs.

The community on this site serves two purposes- it is a haven for people battling depression and growing tired, on medication and losing hope, and in all stages of detox (even just considering it). It is a supportive, educational, and inspirational environment that I hope will be a stepping stone in many lives towards healing. As a group, we will have a powerful voice that cannot be ignored. I believe we can change the way depression is viewed and treated. In the future I hope to create treatment centers for people who were as sick as I was, to come and get well and learn to put their pieces back together and build a beautiful life worth living.

The second purpose is to call attention to the sheer number of people suffering from the same troubles. As individuals, no one has listened to our suffering. It is my hope that in coming together as a group we can make a difference. Please visit the Wall of Pain.

If I can save people from going through what I went through- suffering from depression for so many many many years and living in a nightmare of medications that made me sicker, it will make it all worth it. That was my life, the only one I have. Those are years I can never have back. Instead, I can only hope to give them to someone else.

Have you ever had an experience you'd like to share? Check out the wall of pain. Share your story!


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  1. Thanarat

    There’s a small and excellent onnile depression support group called Depression Hangout that is always open to anyone who is struggling with mental health problems (not just depression). It’s run in its own chaotic way by its members who meet regularly in the chat room and it’s a great place to seek and provide help and support, make new friends and even just have a laugh. (We all need that too!) To join just go to depressionhangout-dot-blogspot-dot-com.

  2. Vanessa

    I will help treat people in your treatment centers.
    It’s humbling to finally see like minded people.
    I whole heartedley agree that medication does not cure depression and anxiety, that the cause is a much deeper emotional pain.
    Well done and keep writing.